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Mike's Dream to Travel

It had been my dream from the day I bought my Harley to cruise the Smoky mountains on the bike. I had been through there by car at least twice but I knew on the bike it would be so much better.


Here are some pictures from my trip to Chattanooga, TN.

The really great thing about his trip was that I rode the whole way. No trailer for my bike.  I crossed the Mississippi and rode down the west side to avoid  the worst of the traffic. Nice scenic ride. Then I cut across through Tupalo, and ended up in Chattanooga, TN for the trail of tears event.

This picture is the starting lineup for the trail of tears event in Chattanooga.. A rough estimate put the count at 92,000 bikes. Should have heard the noise when we all started up. People sitting on the guard rails said they vibrated so hard they had to stand up.

This was an interesting find. One could consider a stealthy submarine while shopping for a washer and dryer! No where but Tennessee could that happen.

After my time in Tennessee, I made my way north and east to the southern entrance of the Smokies. I was gone three glorious weeks. Used my tent most of the time. I found a cloth topped air mattress that is perfect for camping. Slept like a baby. I hit hotel once in awhile to do laundry and get a shower or if it was pouring rain.

My baby set against the background of the Smokies!

More Smokies and my sweet wide glide.

I rode almost the whole parkway and then cut through Ohio to visit a cemetery where a distant grampa is buried. He served in General Washington's army! Just learned of that a few years ago. Wouldn't you know, just as I was coming into Ohio, it started to drop freezing rain. Man, it felt like riding on ball bearings and it was getting cold!

I parked under the cover of a drive in bank and sat there wondering if it was going to let up so I could safely scout a hotel. After about fifteen minutes it did stop long enough to bug out for the nearest hotel. I didn't even do any price shopping I just dived into the first one before it started raining again. Good thing it started up while I was registering.

Here is an unbelievable find. In Maggie Valley, NC., there is a huge museum with motorcycles galore! Didn't even know it was there. I was cruising through town, watching for a place to gas and get lunch when I saw a sign for the museum. Man what a find. This picture is of the silent gray fellow from 1910!

To its left is a spotless in line four cylinder Pierce with shaft drive.

And to its left is an Apache!.

Thank God it was a bit warmer the next day. I had some extra clothing but nothing like what I needed so I hit a Shopko and got some more sweats. It was way below normal temperatures the rest of the way home. I wore my rain suit over top my leathers and stopped at a sporting goods store to get some of those little packets you tear open to make heat. That was enough to get me safely home, but it was sure a cold finish to the ride of a lifetime.

Me and scarlet at the highest point on the blue ridge parkway!

Thanks, Mike B.