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Left-side Bike Pick-up Guide

Steps to take on how to pick-up your bike when its tipped on it's left side.

A big thank you to the Wisconsin State Patrol for demonstrating this during
Kutter Spring Open House in Monroe WI May 16, 2009.



"I just tipped my bike over, how am I going to pick it up?"
YOU CAN DO IT ALL BY YOURSELF! Just follow these steps.

First, make sure the bike is turned off.  Once turned off, make sure you
put the transmission in 1st gear.

Then turn around and sit on the bike seat with both feet flat on the ground
in front of you.

Locate a solid area on you bike with your left hand that you can use to
help lift the bike. Some cruisers come with a handle under the passenger seat.

Place your right hand on the left hand grip of the handle bars, but DO NOT
grab hold of the clutch lever.  If you do, the bike could roll away from you
before you get it in the up-right position.  Never engage the clutch during
this process.

Now, pull the handle grip towards you to turn the front wheel as far
as possible.  Grab the other solid area you located with your left hand.
Look straight ahead of you at the horizon and put pressure from your feet
to your weight on the seat pushing against the bike.

Slowly start pushing against the bike and lifting at the same time.
Keep the pressure against the seat.

Slowly work the bike back up to a standing position.

As you get close to being back in the upright position, slowly start
decreasing the pressure you are applying to the seat with your
body weight.

With the bike slightly tipped towards you so it doesn't tip the opposite
direction, let go with your left hand and slowly turn to your right so
you can grab both hand grips on the handle bars.

Grab both handle grips and turn the front wheel straight to the
forward direction.

Get yourself turned around and the bike balanced as if you were
going to walk your bike.

Put the jiffy-stand (kick-stand) down.

Make sure the jiffy-stand is in the locked position and lean the bike
onto the jiffy-stand.

You just successfully picked up your bike!

Watch a slideshow of the full process.

(This may take a couple of minutes
to download to your computer.)

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